The Dream Team

(Written by Dr. Haynie)

Dr. Talon Eric Haynie

Thanks for looking at my short autobiography. I grew up in Crescent City, a tiny town on the California coastline right in the heart of the famous redwood forest. Lisa, my wife, and I met in college and married on August 21, 2007. We have two awesome children, Finn who is four, and Allie Rae, who is one. While attending University of the Pacific, the top clinical dental school in the world, I gained many skills in all areas of dentistry and graduated as one of the top clinicians in my class (I was even recognized as an exceptional student by The International College of Oral Implantologists.) After dental school, I worked with multiple skilled dentists in Virginia while preparing and waiting for the right practice opportunity to come along. We found our home in Winchester. My family and I love Winchester for its character, proximity to family (Lisa is from Woodbridge), and culture (I’ve never been anywhere where so many people smile and say hello). When I am not seeing patients at the office, you might find me walking downtown, hiking trails, or shopping at the grocery store. Wherever I am, Lisa, Finn, and Allie Rae are sure to be close by.


Millie is a person that makes it easy to come to work. Some of Millie’s greatest attributes are her warmth, intelligence, smile, and laugh. She is very talented and is a pleasure to work with. When she is not at work she loves spending time with her boyfriend Preston, their daughter Paisley and their 2 dogs. My theory as to why Millie is such a pleasure to be around is because she gets to eat the amazing food that Preston cooks every day.


I met Jillian when I first started at Apple Blossom Dentistry and was very impressed by her. When the opportunity came along to have her join our team, it was an easy decision and an exciting day! Jillian is professional, fun, and compassionate. These attributes make her a great hygienist and co-worker. She is also somewhat of a renaissance woman having interests ranging from health to construction to art to playing the fiddle. You will love her.


Cindy has been an assistant at this practice for about a decade, and I believe she has had a smile every time I’ve seen her. Cindy is friendly, smart, and a quick learner. She was born and raised in Winchester. When she is not at work, she is with her husband David doing awesome things like motorcycling, bowling, and fishing.


Every patient who has had the privilege of being seen by Morgann has left with a healthier, more beautiful smile. She is a excellent hygienist and an even better person. Morgann has a gentle personality to go with a gentle touch. I have been impressed many times by Morgann’s attention to detail, work ethic, and her ability to make patients comfortable. We are so happy that Morgann is a part of our dental family.


Trish is a lot of fun to work with and is well liked by her patients and peers. Attributes such as attention to detail, dedication to health, good chairside manner, and a wonderful laugh make her a wonderful hygienist. Trish is often spending her time watching her three wonderful children play sports. When you see her, ask her about her many adventures traveling.


Lucky is the perfect word to describe how we feel about having Erika join Apple Blossom Dentistry. As she has been here, she has proven to be an excellent fit for us. Working at the front desk, she is a bright, engaging, cheerful person; perfect for welcoming patients. This is not a surprise as she spends much of her personal time volunteering throughout the community with an focus on those most in need. Many of you probably know Erika as she is a fixture around Winchester and someone you don’t forget.


I was skeptical when I met Haley for the first time. Would someone so young be ready for a serious job? She has since proven herself over and over again. She is responsible, cheerful, and a hard worker. She has a green thumb and is just as good with people. All who know her, love her. We are very excited to have Haley as part of our team.


When Leisa comes in to work, you know what you are getting; she is kind, easy to talk to and great with people. Leisa’s calming presence is perfect to take her patients to a state of nirvana seldom reached in life, let alone a dental chair. She is active outside of the dental practice riding her street bike and chasing her two wonderful children around. She is a frequent traveler, and has probably been to more places than anyone else in our practice. We love Leisa and are so glad she is part of our team!



Amy is awesome. She was instrumental in establishing Apple Blossom Dentistry. Her next adventure includes expanding her other ventures, you may end up seeing her at a local farmers market. She will also be home schooling her son, Landon. Amy’s contributions to our operations and culture will continue to benefit patients.


Occasionally in life, you have the privilege of meeting someone who truly elevates everyone around them. This is Regina. In addition to being the best dental assistant ever, her personality and her laugh make her someone that you, as a patient, want by your side as you come in for your dental care. Regina and her husband, Dan, have moved back to Florida where Regina is pursuing her education and considering a transition to dental hygiene or dentistry.

Dr. Richard Garnes

This practice was built and maintained by Dr. Garnes for nearly four decades during which he established a reputation as the best dentist in Winchester. His down-to-earth personality combined with his patient-first mentality made him an excellent dentist. I am honored to have Dr. Garnes’ vote of confidence as he has selected me to carry on his legacy.

Mrs. Fien Garnes

Mrs. Garnes is the heart and soul of this practice and has been here longer than anyone other than Dr. Garnes. Her greatest strength is the most important one of all, the ability to see and meet the needs of others. As Mrs. Garnes spends less time at the office, she has more time to pursue her talent as a cook, beautify her fantastic flower garden, and enjoy the countless friends she has made over the years.

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