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At Apple Blossom Dentistry, every diagnosis and treatment recommendation is given with your overall well-being and longevity in mind. We’re all about saving you time, money, and discomfort in the long run, while providing the highest quality of care possible! Need urgent dental care? Your Winchester dentist offers same day care for emergency dentistry treatments. Call us today!

Meet Dr. Talon Haynie

Thank you for visiting our website. I’m Dr. Haynie and I love being a dentist.

I love my patients.
I love to fix teeth.
I love to prevent and relieve pain and suffering.
I love to heal teeth so they don’t break in the first place.
I love to help people keep their teeth for their WHOLE life!
I love that I work with an AMAZING dental team.
I love The Golden Rule.
I love to learn, especially about dentistry.

To sum it all up, I love being a dentist and would love to be your dentist.

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Meet the Team

We are lucky! Here at Apple Blossom Dentistry, we have a great group of people that have dedicated their working lives to taking care of our community. In 2014, Dr. Haynie took the reins from Dr. Garnes, who had been practicing in Winchester for almost 40 years. When Dr. Haynie eventually retires, their combined practice will span a lifetime.

Many patients, who started out at the same time as Dr. Garnes, have witnessed amazing growth and progress. Paper and filing cabinets gave way to computers, darkrooms disappeared, computers assist us with designing teeth and smiles, goopy impressions have been replaced by digital imaging.  We even managed to get rid of the “dental office smell.”

Perhaps more significant than the obvious changes are the changes in techniques and materials. Practicing dentistry in the most advanced yet proven ways is just another way that we fulfill our mission to provide excellent dental care. We ensure that your treatment will be the best.

Come join our team members and patients; become a part of Apple Blossom Dentistry for life!

What Makes Us Different

We want to be known as a dental practice that truly cares for its patients above all else. This means putting prevention and patient education first, and always operating with full transparency by providing clear treatment recommendations and explanations to every patient. Our goal is to promote healthy, happy smiles, with modern and conservative dental care.

All-Star Team

Sometimes in life you get lucky. That has certainly been the case for me (Dr. Haynie) when it comes to the people I work with. Not only do I enjoy working with them every day, but our patients universally praise the friendly helpfulness of our team at Apple Blossom Dentistry. You can tell that we have something special here from your first phone call. If you’ve been here before, see you soon. If you haven’t, we can’t wait to meet you!

Superior Techniques and Materials

Just like wall mounted telephones have become a computer in your pocket, dental materials and techniques have advanced significantly. Whether it is longer lasting fillings, more esthetic crowns, or decay reversing medicines, we continuously upgrade our ability to provide exceptional care. Our materials and techniques allow us to do less drilling and filling so your teeth can last longer and look better than ever before.

Conservative Treatment

A stain is not a cavity, every tooth does not need a crown, and every patient does not need a deep cleaning. As part of our commitment to honest, patient-focused care, we will never recommend a treatment that isn’t necessary for your oral health and well-being. Healing before drilling is always the philosophy in our office. This results in far less traditional dental work, and far more learning, healing, and prevention, saving you money and increasing your chances of keeping your teeth for life.

Have major dental problems?

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We offer 10% off any treatment of $5,000 or more.

Featured Services

Preventive Care

Regular preventive care is the key to long-term oral health and a strong smile. Your Winchester dentist offers comprehensive preventive treatments to keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Restorative Care

At Apple Blossom Dentistry, we believe that no smile is beyond repair! With a wide variety of restorative dentistry treatments available, we’ll have you smiling like new in no time! Have dental anxiety? No problem. We offer sedation dentistry for stress-free experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Get the smile you’ve always dreamed of with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry options! Whether you need a teeth whitening treatment or a full cosmetic makeover, we’ve got you covered. 

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I first visited Dr. Haynie after not seeing a dentist for over a year. He and the staff made me feel comfortable, were easy going and did not shame me for neglecting dental visits. I have been going to his office for two years now. Dr. Haynie is down-to-earth and cares about his patients. I highly recommend this office!

Jody Plitt

I love this office. They are awesome! I'm very afraid of the dentist due to a health condition I have that causes extreme pain to my teeth and face. It was so hard for me to find a good dentist that doesn’t cause more pain and doesn’t break the bank.. I have been to a few dentists since I moved to VA but hands down he is the best dentist. He only does work that’s needed and it’s reasonably priced. He puts you at ease. He’s super friendly and very professional. I’m so happy with this office...I highly recommend Apple Blossom Dentistry!

Heather Martin

I was so disappointed that my favorite dentist was retiring. Luckily, I found the dentist who replaced him to be WONDERFUL and I’m thrilled! Dr. Haynie and his staff are top- notch professionals. The office environment is warm & friendly. I even called in once with a question never expecting to speak with the doc personally but he got on the phone & was happy to answer my questions. I’m so glad to have this kind of personal service in our area. I highly recommend with no reservations!

Debbie M.