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Today’s advanced root canal technology makes the treatment process much easier to endure. A root canal procedure is usually recommended after other dental treatment options have been considered. It’s a treatment that is used to save a tooth from extraction, more of a last-resort option at our practice. Root canals are common in cases where large cavities have done too much damage to fix with a tooth-colored filling or dental crown. They are also used in cases where a tooth infection is simply too invasive to control.

A root canal procedure is usually recommended after other dental treatment options have been considered. root canal treatment winchester vaThe root canals of each tooth contain nerve tissue and dental pulp. This includes blood vessels that deliver nourishment. When the tissue becomes infected, a tooth may be in danger of dying. Without a root canal, patients may experience severe swelling, bone loss, inflammation, toothache, darkening of the tooth, gum soreness, and drainage problems.

Apple Blossom Dentistry provides the latest treatment for our Winchester patients who need a solution to severe tooth damage right away.

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