Dental Extractions in Winchester, VA

Disease, trauma, crowding, and other conditions are all issues that can result in the need for dental tooth extractions. Our professional staff at Apple Blossom Dentistry understands that just the idea of tooth removal can have some people on edge, but we are here to let you know that we perform a painless procedure that will help you heal without the pain. Additionally, we can also provide dental implant services to replace the extracted tooth so you can show off your beautiful new smile without anyone noticing you had a tooth replaced.

Tooth infections come in all different diversities. While many of these infections can be handled through our fillings, root canals, and other treatments, some of these may be far beyond in damage and will require an extraction. Crowding is another main issue, which is typically why wisdom teeth removals are performed. Regardless of the issue, our Winchester dentist, Dr. Haynie, will properly diagnose you and provide you with the healing services needed on order to improve your oral health.

Tooth Removal Process

Coming to our dental office for your tooth removal services ensures that this experience will be as painless and stress free as possible. We use the best in numbing and sedation procedures to help you feel no pain as we quickly and effectively remove your diseased, damaged, or crowded tooth. Decreasing your discomfort is important to us and we have a reputation of helping anxious patients feel relaxed during our dental extraction process.

Once the problematic tooth has been removed, our professional staff will teach you all the proper care techniques so you can begin the recovery process. In many cases, an extraction might be followed up with an implant procedure. This not only helps you keep your tooth looking healthy and attractive, but assists you in maintaining or improving the bone density in your jaw so you don’t suffer from further dental issues.

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Teens & Adults

When it comes to tooth removals, the most common type that people experience are wisdom teeth extractions. Wisdom teeth begin to come in around young adulthood. These new teeth tend to crowd the existing teeth and cause impaction. Impacted teeth can make it hard for you to properly care for your teeth, which may result in a greater chance of tooth and gum disease. Likewise, wisdom teeth that come in at strange directions can end up making your teeth crooked or causing other dental problems.

While not all wisdom teeth need to be extracted, most individuals will experience the need to have at least one removed at some point in their life. Our Winchester dental staff knows how to perform flawless wisdom teeth removal services so you can maintain the health of your mouth without having to worry about any pain during the extraction procedure.

Contact us for more information about wisdom teeth and dental extractions. Our dentist at Apple Blossom Dentistry, Dr. Haynie, is ready to discuss our painless process with our patients. We love our patients and always strive to provide friendly and professional dental care in a very comfortable environment. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation at (540) 667-3267.

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