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As any other medical branch, dentistry has its emergencies. A person can be going through his day with no worries, when a sudden onset of pain in his\her teeth sets in. The main problem with dental emergencies is that most of the time they have no precursors, meaning that they come on suddenly with no warning before they happen. Another problem with dental emergencies is that emergency rooms in any hospital are not equipped to face and treat dental problems and emergencies, and the patient must head to his\her dentist in order to manage the problem, and not every dentist can receive a patient on such short notice, meaning that the pain will probably linger on a little more than expected.

What is classified as a dental emergency

A person can be going through his day with no worries, when a sudden onset of pain in his\her teeth sets in. We take care of you with Dental emergency WinchesterThe most common emergency when it comes to teeth is definitely pain. Dental pain from an inflamed nerve (also known as pulpitis) can be the worst type of pain associated with the mouth and teeth. Pulpitis occurs when the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed due to bacterial invasion, and this occurs when the tooth is extensively decayed, or when a part of the tooth breaks off exposing the nerve to the oral cavity.

Most people will notice if their tooth is decayed, as the tooth changes its color to brown or black, or becomes painful with biting or with eating sweets and drinking cold drinks, but there is a type of decay where that occurs below the surface, while the surface itself remains intact. This is especially challenging as the patient sees no visible issue with the tooth, while the decay is destroying the teeth from within. That’s why the pain is very sudden and severe and no warning signs before it hits you.

Another problem classified as dental emergency is a fracture or tooth breakage, when you might bite down on something hard causing a part of the tooth to break off. This can be accompanied by pain if the broken part is large enough to expose the sensitive part of the tooth, or no pain if the tooth is already root canal treated, or the broken part is small.

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