Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Winchester VA

Rehabilitation is a term used to express extensive repair of tissues that were severely damaged by disease. Mouth rehabilitation follows the same principle, where the teeth, gums and bones that were affected by various diseases ranging from decay and gum disease, to more devastating conditions such as tumors and cysts, are prepared and rehabilitated to restore the original appearance and function as before the disease had its effects.

What is Involved with Full Mouth Rehabilitation?Mouth rehabilitation includes any and all procedures that can be done inside your mouth, ranging from simple cavities and fillings, to extensive bone surgeries, and repair. we offer Full Mouth Rehabiltation in winchester VA

Mouth rehabilitation includes any and all procedures that can be done inside your mouth, ranging from simple cavities and fillings, to extensive bone surgeries, and repair. Most of these procedures can take place at our Winchester dental practice, but some of the more elaborate surgeries may need to be done in the hospital under the supervision of more experienced surgeons and under general anesthesia.

What is the Process of Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation follows a specific sequence that most dentists, oral surgeons, and orthodontists are trained to do.

The following steps may apply to this procedure:

  1. Diagnosis: Correct diagnosis is key to proper treatment. The Dr. Haynie will survey the entire mouth for any problems, ranging from simple decay to more dangerous bone and gum conditions.
  2. Treatment Planning: Dr. Haynie will conclude on a treatment plan to address all the issues that were revealed in the diagnosis phase, and may need to assign each task to its specific specialist.
  3. Systematic Treatment: Meaning control of any underlying disease that may have an unwanted effect on the treatment plan, such as control of Diabetes or Heart conditions, that could adversely affect the results later on.
  4. Acute Phase: The patient most probably comes with a specific complaint. Acute phase addresses that complaint so as to make the patient satisfied and comfortable. The most common complaint is of course pain, so acute phase in this case means pain relief.
  5. Cause Related Therapy: This means focusing on the cause rather than the effect of the disease. For example, eliminating the decay causing foods and drinks from the diet and implementing oral hygiene measures accurately and thoroughly. This phase may vary but it is essential in preventing future problems.
  6. Corrective Care: This is the beginning the actual healing process. It usually starts with cleaning of tartar and plaque from the teeth, followed by fillings and root canal treatment of decayed teeth, and finally surgical procedures such as extractions or cyst or tumor removal if present.
  7. Pre-Constructive Therapy: Laying the groundwork and preparing the teeth and other oral tissues to receive the final reconstructive care. This phase may include orthodontic alignment of any crooked teeth, root canal treatment for those that were not decayed but will be compromised by the final treatment, and any minor surgeries that need to be done to the gums and bone.
  8. Reconstructive Therapy: This is the final phase of active treatment. The patient receives crowns, bridges, implants and dentures to compensate for missing teeth and oral structures.
  9. Follow-ups and maintenance: This is not part of the actual treatment but equally important, as with proper care and follow ups on dental appointments, this is done so that the previous treatments will be sustained.

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