Dental Tooth Caps & Crowns in Winchester VA

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental tooth crown (or dental tooth cap), is an artificial cover that is placed over your tooth structure, usually in order to protect it from damage. It can be made from metal, metal with a porcelain covering, or entirely made of porcelain with no metal.

How do I know which type is suitable for me?

The type of dental crown chosen, which is selected by the dentist, is usually according to the location and where metal or metal with porcelain crowns are stronger.  However, the metal will eventually show and the appearance is compromised, so they’re more commonly used on posterior teeth. On the other hand, all porcelain crowns are much better in appearance since they have no metal, but lack the strength of metal, so they are placed on the front teeth as strength is not needed as much as looks.

Who Should Receive a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are made for patients whose teeth are in danger of a fracture or potentially breaking. The most common type of these patients is a patient who received root canal treatment, leaving the teeth vulnerable and more liable to fracture. Another example is a tooth severely damaged by decay, where a normal dental filling will not be sufficient to withstand the pressure of biting and a dental crown is the best solution to keep the tooth functioning for as long as possible.

How is the crown made and how is it attached to the tooth?

First, the dentist must make sure that your teeth and your mouth is suitable to receive a dental crown. Oral hygiene must be high and the tooth (or teeth) that will be covered by the crown should be free from decay and gum disease and the bone surrounding it should possess enough strength to support the crown.

Then your tooth is prepared to receive the crown, by removing a small amount all around the tooth, so that the crown that’s made is not too large in which the look and functions are identical to the original tooth. Your dentist will then take a replica (an impression) of your teeth and send it to the lab. The lab will use a special technique to fabricate the crown and return it back to the dentist. The dentist will then make some small adjustments and then use a special type of glue (called the dental cement) to fix it on the tooth.

The types of cements vary according to use and according to the material as follows:

  • Temporary cement: Which is designed to hold the crown for a small period of time. The crown will then be removed for adjustments, and re-cemented with permanent cement. These are usually made of a material called Zinc Oxide mixed with oil.
  • Permanent cement: As the name implies, it is designed to hold the crown in its position permanently. If the crown is treated with this type of cement, it shouldn’t be removed. These are made from a material called glass ionomer, or the stronger type which is called the resin cement.

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